and territory

Rural landscape mixed with oak, black hornbeam and manna ash woods.

The Vigolo Valley and surroundings deriving from the Ice Age, stretches from Monte Bronzone (mountain of the Bergamo pre-Alps and
portion of the Orobic Alps) to the Western shore of Lake Iseo.

Thanks to its location, Vigolo offers mild weather conditions all year around,
which are ideal for mountain agriculture and animal breeding stock. Nature related tourism and outdoor sport activities are also encouraged by
this ideal setting. Worthy a close attention are namely Monte Bronzone which, at 1332 meters, is the highest mountain in the area, mountain tracks leading up to the Gombo Alto hut and the Bronzone bell.

The Gombo Alto hut, named after its location, boasts a large dining room, a kitchen, a cellar,
a restroom on the ground floor and one on the first floor where the sleeping area is located, offering sleeping accommodation for up to 25 people. Always open, accommodation must though be pre-booked by contacting the Pro Loco Vigolo (i.e. Tourist Office) or directly the town hall offices.


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