Very ancient origins

Dating back to the Roman period

At an altitude of 616 meters above sea level, Vigolo is a small village within Val Calepio (Calepio valley) situated on the Western shore of Lake Iseo.

The town itself has ancient roots, dating back to the Roman times. However, from the archives where the evidence of the unification of this area’s small villages is stated, it is clearly understood that around 1331 Vigolo existed as an independent town of Val Calepio and it was under the domain of the local Counts of Calepio.

In medieval times, the chronicles tell us about the existence of a tower (partly destroyed and partly rebuilt within the civil construction) and of a castle (of which now there is no trace left) confirming that Vigolo was forced to undergo defence fortifications. In 1428 Vigolo was annexed to the Republic of Venice. Scripts of the second half of the 15th century describe it as the most built up town in the valley.


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